La vida del pez



This outstanding Mexican artist, is from Oaxaca. His work reflects some of the sensibility, power, aesthetics, technique, and magic of the very best work from that region. He has spent years as a professor of the arts, at various Mexican Universities, and now divides his time between Mexico City, and Paris.


This painting is oil on canvas, is nicely framed, and measures 48" x 60". It is unframed. It was done in 1989. Many consider the 1980's, to be Theo's strongest period. 


Theo's work embodies alot of the technical mastery of the work of his contemporary, Francisco Toledo. And at 1% the cost of a comparable Toledo, his work represents a good value. Work with this level of brooding intensity is not common in Oaxaca.


This painting is amongst his best work from the past 1980's. It is absolutely astonishing in it's power, execution and technique.


Born as Telesforo Hugo Martinez Ramirez, hence the nickname Theo, in Guanajuato, Mexico, in 1952. He was formerly an art professor at the University of Oaxaca, for many years. Using a typically Oaxacan palette his work resembles that of Tamayo and Toledo, with a hint of Chagall. It is fresh and original, with a definitive surrealist feel, and a great deal of power and intensity. His work is imaginative, colorful, captivating, and possesses a lot of the mysticism that makes Oaxacan art so profound. Theo has developed a language using many of the symbols, which are so prominent in Mexican, Oaxacan, and ancient Toltec folklore, and mythology. Theo has paintings in the permanent collection of Museo del Arte, Mexico City, as well as several prominent private collections in Mexico, Europe, and the United States. He has recently been exhibiting his work at a gallery in Paris, as well as MLA Gallery in Los Angeles.


"I love latin art and would love to share my passion." - Mark Schneider, Gallery Director

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