Makinde - Figura con mano

Makinde - Figura con mano

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Artist- Jaime Makinde

This is one of Makinde's exceptionally good works on paper. The size of this wonderful painting is about 17.5" x 12.5". It is india ink on paper. It was done in 1997. It is unframed.

*born 21 June 1959 in Habana, Cuba
*working since 1983 as a freelance artist
*wall painting projects, architecturally based art and ceramic projects
*lives and works since 1997 in Renchen, Germany

Jaime Makinde comes from Cuba and his roots lies in Africa. He use the traditional materials of art in connection with elements of contempory art and surrealism.

The motives of his work takes the viewer into the world of possibility. In his work one finds fantastic constructions and confusing landscapes with organic formation. Everything seems to be in constant change. It seems to be a dream world. But not only a dream world. The organic life constantly trains itself further - a bizarre machinery of plants, animals and human forms. Between them - the columns of the human rule. Jaime Makinde is active in different kinds of art. His works requests the viewer to dare himself, or herself  to peer into the secrets behind the laws, to open doors, to enter areas or follow floating objects.


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