Amok - Stunning beauties

160cm. x 150cm. - 65" x 60"


2017 - acrylic on canvas


Amok is a very talented Thai artist, working within the Attasit Pokpong school of Pop art, with it's influences in Chinese art. This is a very popular movement in Thailand at this time. He is amongst the most talented, putting him up there on the level of Jo Chanchai, as rivals to the Pokpong throne.


The work is priced at less than a third of a comparable Pokpong painting, and the work is stunning. The images barely capture the magic of the work, and for that reason we offer an unconditional money back guarantee on the work. None have been returned to date, but if it gives you the peace of mind, to make a decision to purchase a painting online, it is worth it for all involved.


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"I love latin art and would love to share my passion." - Mark Schneider, Gallery Director

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