Aguamor de Candiafuertes



Typical of his best work, Alejandro here employs tropical fruits, as an expression of sensuality. This print is from the portfolio entitled "Aguamor de Candiafuertes". It is pencil signed and numbered from an edition of only 20. This print measures about 12.5" x 14", and is in mint condition. It was published by Ediciones Malgon, in Mexico City, in 2003. It is also available as a complete portfolio, with a gorgeous slipcover, and several pages of information, as well as a justification page. This portfolio is very limited, as only 20 were done from the edition, plus 5 artists proof. Please inquire.


Alejandro's work from the 1970's to the early 1990's, is characterized by poetic nostalgia. Amid landscapes bounded by distant cliffs, remote mountains, or calm seas there rise vast stone constructions which, like the mysterious monuments based in the Hindu principle of the mandala, have openings to each of the four points of the compass. They seem to be illustrations for works of science fiction or visions of a world of sheer illusion. Each element is defined in detail by the sure, skilled hand of a mature artist, constantly on the advance, whose creations exert a beguiling effect upon the viewer.


We guarantee the authenticity of this print, and will offer a certificate of authenticity on our gallery letterhead. This print is in mint condition, and is unframed. Alejandro lithographs, etchings and serigraphs are rare, difficult to find, and more than likely will appreciate dramatically over time. He produces a very limited amount of work, and even less original printwork, and his work is very sought after. Any purchase of an original print by Alejandro, from MLA Gallery, will be accompanied by a copy of the book entitled "Ramon Alejandro, done in Paris, by Art Tribu's in 1999. We offer a life-time trade in policy. Please inquire. MLA Gallery has the largest selection of Alejandro prints in the world.



José Ramón Alejandro is a Cuban painter and writer. Since the late 1960s, his work has appeared in one-man shows in private galleries in Paris, Geneva, and Miami, as part of exhibitions in Israel and cities across Europe, and in exhibits of limited edition books illustrated by artists of note. The Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the Bibliothèque Municipale d’Angers in France, the San Diego Art Museum, and the Miami-Dade Public Library all include his works in their permanent collections.

Alejandro left Havana in the 1960s to live in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Paris, where he stayed for thirty years. In 1995, he moved to Miami. There he founded Editions Deleatur, a publisher focusing on Cuban writers within Cuba and abroad. Alejandro and his work are the subject of the essay collection Ramón Alejandro(L’Atelier des Brisants, 2006).





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