Collection: Robert Rose

Both the vessel, and all of the art, are entirely original, and entirely from the mind of this profoundly imaginative surrealist artist. The finish is luminous. The narrative is sublime.

In the artists' own words, this will give the viewer a sense of the symbology of this outstanding work: "This is an observation of the intrinsic power struggle ( the Ying & Yang) which lies within all of us, and is even more profoundly echoed throughout all forms of nature. Surrealism is a wonderful artistic medium for exploring the often bizarre and unexplainable inner being, and also so many aspects of human nature. It allows a playful, visual feast of imagination, one that we normally see only in dreams. As in dreams many events are representations of our own personal reality. Other aspects are with all likelihood, just simply the playful mind , free from the constraints of the very structured world we consciously live in, for the better part of each day. Sometimes in my art I like to bring that playful side of the subconscious mind into the composition, weaving it together with aspects of our conscious (factual) world. Surrealism is a great opportunity for that menagerie of the human psyche, to be expressed. Ironically, when one studies physics and gains knowledge of just how things really work in the physical world, the lines between dream, fantasy, and reality get very blurry. It is quite fascinating, how deceptive the mechanics of our physical ability to perceive reality, really are.

Life is not always as we perceive it to be. Often, in our interactions with others, we only see what we want to see, and hear what we want to hear, but always there is the phenomenon of misperception at play. In our attempts to understand life and what it means to us, can we ever really be certain of 'reality' or "the Truth Within"?. The ying & yang of our own reality and dreams. On some levels, our own dreams can be as vast, magnificent, and as mysterious as the physical world is. Sometimes even more. Kind of a startling story in, and of itself".

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