Baruj Salinas - Delta II

Baruj Salinas - Delta II

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Title Delta II
Work Date 1979
Category Prints
Materials Embossed Etching with Collage
Size h: 30 x w: 22 in / h: 76.2 x w: 55.9 cm
Region Cuban
Style Contemporary
Price* $950. We offer competitive pricing
Gallery Ph. 323-744-7550




This wonderful print, was published by Ediciones Poligrafa, in Barcelona, Spain. It is large, and is printed on a thick Guarro paper, and is an embossed etching with collage, and gorgeous texture. This is an exceptional print, by a stunningly talented Latin Master. The colors are exquisite, and this print is typical of the perfectionist work that both Poligrafa, and Salinas are known for. This embossed etching is from the H.C. edition of only 15.

He is quoted as saying: "Because of my connection and collaboration with poets and writers such as María Zambrano, José Angel Valente, Pere Gimferrer, and Michel Butor, I developed a concept of the language of the clouds. This consisted basically of a grey background with white as the main color of my palette–the white symbolizing clouds. I also used pictograms, ideograms, and strange alphabets like the Greek alphabet, the Hebrew alphabet, and the Iberian alphabet".


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On another occasion Salinas was quoted as follows: "To me, painting is not work. It is something that transcends labor. I love to be in my studio painting because I forget about everything else. I’m so concentrated on it that it is like a meditation. I concentrate on what I’m doing and I enjoy it while I’m doing it. I enjoy seeing a wide space being developed into something that has life. It’s always been the most important thing in my life. And architecture was never so.”