The List of the Best Cuban Artists Who Shaped the Cuban Art History

Being gifted with the skill to show things using paints and a canvass is rare. That is why it is a fortunate thing for inpiduals who have this particular skill. Why? It is because they have the skill to let people see the way they view their work and the world they live in. Anywhere in the world, these are the same people who are able to shape the global art history, in which ones have already been shared and respected worldwide. But before it reached globally, artists usually fist mold their destiny in their own country. In the end, the artworks they contributed become master pieces that strongly define their art history.

In terms of the global art history, Cuban artists are probably among the artists in the world that mostly comprised that area. Today, most of the best artists in Cuba along with their artwork can surely be found at the top art galleries in the world. Some of the Cuban artists who shaped the Cuban art history are listed below. These are not only the artists who enabled that, but they are also the ones who made a definitive style in the art history.

Amelia Pelaez del Casal

She is considered as one of the artists involved in the avant-garde movement. In the Cuban arts, she is known as the artist who recreated personal themes, expertly used colors in windows, tropical flowers, Cuban fruits and other elements that are easily identified as part of the Cuban nature. In her works, the coloring is bordered with thick black lines, which will remind an inpidual about a Cuban colonial mansion’s windows during the 19th century.

Victor Manuel Garcia

He was among those artists who belonged to the self-taught ones. In the avant-garde movement, his art pieces were known for it being portrayed with a mulatta that has a face in oval shape, thick lips and eyes that are widely staring into space. The depicted image became the model of a Cuban woman. The view of the entire art work ends up with landscapes featuring strong lines along with other Cuban references that usually go unnoticed.

Carlos Enriquez

He was generally known as one with a rebellious side. As an artist, he conveyed his aggressive nature in all of his paintings, but was mostly applied after the time he spent in Paris. In his paintings, it was described by critics that he was constantly experimenting with his movements. These experiments were shown in his violent, transgressive yet erotic paintings.

However, in all that, it is when one will notice his expertness in transparency use and mastery in light, color and composition. 

Wilfredo Lam

He was an artist with a combined Chinese, Spanish and African descent.  During his time, he intensely participated in the avant-garde movement. Lam’s key elements in his art pieces is the portrayal of half-human and half-animal figures and plants that are intricately interwoven.

These are the list of some of the best Cuban artists in the art history of Cubans. If you are interested in exploring more of the Cuban arts, there are a lot of art galleries and museums where the Cuban paintings and Cuban art prints of the artists can be found.

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