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Ada Balcacer Bio / Origin: Dominican Repubic

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Printmaking with E,Casarella, Art Students League, New York City.
Textile Silkscreen Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City.
Manual and Recreation Arts with Richard Kraus, White Plains Recreation Center, NY.
Pottery Workshop with Murrain Schlan, Art Life School, New York City.
Color, School of Interior Design, New York City.
Design Workshop, Mural Workshop University of Puerto Rico, w/ Eugenio Granell, 
Rio Piedra, Puerto Rico.
Art Teacher Degree National Fine Arts School, Sto. Dgo. Dominican Republic.
Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities, Bachelor in Education, Liceo Salome Urena, Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom.


Spanish, English and Italian


Elementary School Teacher, Padre Billini School, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
Art Recreation Leader, Children’s Center, New York City.
Textile Designer, Art Workshop, New York City.
Director of Drawing Department Architecture Department, UASD, Sto. Dgo., Dominican Republic.
President and Founder Mujeres Aplicadas a la Industry(MAI) A Development Program for Women in the Dom. Rep.
Teacher, Altos de Chavon, School of Design Aff. To Parson School of Design in NYC, Dom. Rep.


2008– MLA Gallery, Fall Brewery Artwalk, Los Angeles, CA USA.
2008– LS Contemporary, Spring Fall Brewery Artwalk, Los Angeles, CA USA. 
2007– MLA Gallery, Outstanding Contemporary Latin Artists,Los Angeles, CA USA.
2005– MLA Gallery, New works from the Caribbean,Los Angeles, CA USA.
2004– The Hibiscus Group Show, Stuart, FL USA.
2004– Art Fair Miami, Miami Convention Center.
2004– “Arroz con Mango” Group Show, sponsored by the Cancer League of Florida.
2003– Caribbean Show Museum of The Americas, South Carolina, USA.
2003– Caribbean and Latin-American Fine Art Show at South Seaport. NYC.
2003– Caribbean and Latin-American Fine Art Show, The Rose School, Easthampton, NY.
2003– Art fair. Santa Fe, New Mexico.
2003– Graphic Show, Umbrales del Arte Gallery, Sto. Dgo. Dominican Republic.
2002– “The Best of Florida Show” Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, Fl.
2000– Spanish Influence on Dominican Art, Museum of Modern Art, Sto. Dgo. Dominican Republic.
1999– Inauguration Show, Garden House Ada Balcacer Gallery, Sto. Dgo., Dominican Republic.
1998– Precious Papers, Garden House Gallery, Sto. Dgo. Dominican Republic.
1996– Dominican Modern and Contemporary Art, Spanish Art Institute, New York.
1996-Dominican Modern and Contemporary Art, Bass Museum, South Beach, Fl. 
1995 – Works on Paper: Liz Pena y Balcacer, Sto. Dgo. Dominican Republic.
1994– Caribbean Art Today,(Documenta /space), Kassel, Germany.
1992– Ecocumbre, Bolzano Bank Collection, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1992– Caribbean Art, Paris, France.
1991– Recent Works, Embassy Gallery, Miami, Florida.
1989– Latin Art Exhibit, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
1988– Visual Art Festival, CODAP Art Gallery, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
1988– Dominican Art, American Express. Cuba Museum, Miami, Florida.
1988– Dominican Art, Praxis Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1987– Women Feminine– Expo, Metropolitan Bank, Santo Domingo, Domnican Rep.
1987– Summer ‘ 87 Collection, Banco del Progreso, Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep.
1987– Dominican Contemporary Art, Instituto Dominicano de Cultura Hispanica in collaboration with CODAP, Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. Pag. 2
1986– Anniversary Show, The Gallery, Santo Domingo, Dom Rep.
1986– V Graphic Biennal, La Tertulia Museum, Cali, Colombia.
1984– Two Painters and One Island, Metropolitan Museum, Miami, Florida.
1984– Art of the Caribbean, Paris, France.
1983– Honoring the National Flag, History and Geography Museum, Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.
1983– Central Bank, Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.
1981– IV Biennal of Art, Medellin, Colombia.
1980– Second Group Show of Dominican Artists, Altos de Chavon Art Gallery, La Romana, Dom. Rep.
1979– Caribbean Expressions, The Bronx Museums of New York, presented by the New York City Metropolitan Museum, New York.
1979– XIV Biennal of Santo Domingo, jury award Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.
1978– Dominican Arts partners of America, USA.
1978– The Caribbean Art, Miami Art Gallery, Miami, Florida.
1977– Graphic Show, Modern Art Gallery, Sto. Dgo., Rep. Dom.
1977– Dominican art show, Latin – American House, Paris, France.
1977– Dominican Art Show, The Canning House, London.
1977– Contemporary art, Iberoamerica, Madrid, Spain.
1976– Latin – American show, American House, La Havana, Cuba
1976– Collective Show of Galleria Imagen, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1976– Itinerant traveling Latin – American show, OEA.
1976– Inaugural show, Modern Art Gallery, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1975– Banco Central Dominicano, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1975– Women International Show, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1975– National Theater, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1974– Museo del Hombre Dominicano, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1974– Theater House, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1972– Puerto Rico Printmaking Biennal, San Juan, Puerto Rico
1971– Proyecta Graphic, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1970– Modern Art Museum, Rijeka, Yugoslavia.
1968– Chase Manhattan Bank, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1968– Proyecta I, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1968– Proyecta, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
1965– Cultural Front, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.


2004– Selected Works, Cultural Center /Arts Council, Stuart , Fl.
2003– Arteamericas Art Fair, sponsorded by Merrill Lynch Ass. Coconut Grove Convention Center, Miami , Fl.
2002– “Nymphaea”, Duomo Gallery, Milano, Italy.
2002– “Nymphaea 2” Artist Museum, Washington, D.C.
1999– Intaglio, wood cuts, silkscreen, prints edition for Hotel Bayahibe, Central Romana.
1997– “Jungle Sculptures” House of Italy, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1995– Art in Small Format, Contemporary Art Gallery, Sto. Dgo., Rep. Dom.
1992– “Water Colors” Altos de Chavon, Principal Gallery, La Romana, Dom. Rep.
1992– “Tropical Light 2” Leonora Vega Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
1991– “Art in Tropical Light” Museum of Zaragoza, Spain.
1990– Tropical Light IV, Provincial Museum of Zaragoza, Spain.
1989– Tropical Light III, Altos de Chavon “Galeria Principal” La Romana, Dom. Rep.
1988– Body Health Club,Exhibits (Gouaches) Sto. Dgo.  Dom. Rep.
1987– Tropical Light II, The Gallery, Sto. Dgo. Dom. Rep.
1986– Tropical Light I, The Gallery, Sto. Dgo. Dom. Rep.
1985– Popular Bank Show, Miami, FL.
1982– Graphic Mirrors, Sto. Dgo. Dom. Rep.
1981– Palmira, Altos de Chavon, La Romana, Dom. Rep.
1980– Cuentas de Ada, Voluntariado Casas Reales, Sto. Dgo, Dom. Rep.
1973– Spaces Related, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1968– Robagallina, King of the Carnaval, El conde Gallery, Sto. Dgo., Dom, Rep.
1966– Group Show Fine Arts Building, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.


1995– 2da. Edition Baca
1990– Essays of Light , Silkscreen Prints, Alto de Chavon, La Romana, Dom. Rep.
1989– Landscape Magician, Limites Series to accompany World Bank Federation of the United Nations.
1986– Antillano de Luz
1985- Silkscreen Prints Edition, Art Nader’s Gallery.
1973– Casa de Campo Edition, Copper Intaglio.
1971– El Baca, Copper Intaglio.


1994– Bronze Plaque, UASD, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1990 – Bronze Plaque, Acroarte (Arts Critics)
Casandra Awards, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1989– Painting “Landscape Magician” became a World Federation of the United State Nation, New York, Lithograph to Accompany world Bank Stamp Issue for the United Nations Under Direction of Annabelle Weiner.
1989– Ada Balcacer appears on Women List Monument of Edwina Sandys. 
“Women Free” United Nations, Vienna.
1988– The Golden Anacaona Awards, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1987– Diplomatic World, Grand Prize , Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1987–  The Golden Palette Awards Gallery, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1986– Honor Mention, V American Graphic Arts Biennal, Cali, Colombia.
1984– Bronze Plaque, Women in Industry, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1983– Mural Contest Winner, One Mural for the Citibank, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.
1978– Bronze Plaque, Rural Volunteer Work on Craft Design, Dominican Fundation for the Development, Dom. Rep.
1970– Artist of the Year Awards University Cultural Assocs., Dom. Rep.
1967– First Price and Drawing Gold Award E. Leon Jimenez, Santiago, Dom. Rep.


Fine Arts Collection By Aida Cartagena Portalain, Sto. Dgo.
Private Collectors Catalogue,Washington, D.C.
Dominican Enciclopedia, Sto. Dgo., Rep. Dom.
The Transparent Palm, P.O. box IBM 686.
Dominican Art, Dario Suro, Washington D.C.
Dominican Art, Jeannette Miller, Sto. Dgo. Dom. Rep.
Drawing’s Caricatures, Emilio Rodriguez Demorizi (Illustration).
Dominican Fables, Emilio Rodriguez Demorizi.
Dominican Art “A Growing Tree” Las Americas Publication, Rafael Squirru, Washington D.C.
Contemporary Art Dictionary, Leonel Estrada, Medellin, Colombia.
Dominican Art  Encyclopedia, Candido Geron, Sto. Dgo., Dom. Rep.


Text Book Latinoamerican an Canada Primaryschool. MC Millan USA.
Latinoamerican Art, Phaidon Press, London, U.K.
Macandal, MI. Rueda (Ilustration).
Criaturas del Aire, Jose Marmol, (Ilustration).
Memorias de la Pinturas Dominicanas, Dario de los Santos.


African Diaspora in the AmerIcan Houston, Texas, Organization: Phelp Stokes Foundation.
Black Women Coference, Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio, Italy.
Phelps Stokes Foundation, Evaluation Conference Baton Rouge Catholic University, Lousiana, USA.
Visual Arts Research, Center Conference, New York City, USA.
Invitation by the USA Department of State to visit the United State of America Host Institute, USA Information Agency.

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