Attasit Pokpong (Thailand) bio

Archiwa Nakhon Sawan College, Nakhon Sawan, Thailand.
-Phochan Faculty, Rajamonkong Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand.
-BA degree in Art Rajamonkong Technology Centre, Bangkok, Thailand.


1998 - Group show entitled “Colour and Light” at Wittayalai Phochan Art College Anniversary Exhibit, Bangkok, Thailand.

“Color and Light”, Porchang Institute, Bangkok, Thailand.

1999 - Group Art Show & SON-SILP Group Art Show, Bangkok, Thailand.

2004 - Collective Art Show of artists from the Northern Thailand, “Free-Land” Department Store, Bangkok, Thailand. 

Exhibition entitled “Emotion and Movement”, with Mr Kitti Narod, River City Shopping Mall, Bangkok, Thailand.

“My View”, Watercolor show, Amari Watergate Hotel Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.

2005 -  Watercolor exhibition, Thailand Cultural Show and Paintings Exhibition, Nakemequrs GT Plaza Hall, Bangkok, Thailand.

Thailand Paintings Exhibition, Thai Ambassadors Residence, Bangkok, Thailand.

2006 - Solo show, “About Town”, The Den Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2007 - Group Exhibit, River City Shopping Centre, Bangkok, Thailand.

Solo show, “The Way of Life”, Gossip Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2008 - Solo show, Pokpong, Jumjuree, Bangkok, Thailand

International Exhibits

2006-2007 Solo and Group shows in Hong Kong and Japan. 

2008 –The Chelsea Art Show, London

The Cork Art Fair, Cork. Ireland

Art Ireland Autumn Collection, Dublin, Ireland

The Edinburgh Art Show, Edinburgh, Scotland

MLA Gallery, Spring Brewery Artwalk, Los Angeles, CA.

MLA Gallery, Fall Brewery Artwalk, Los Angeles, CA.

2009 – MLA Gallery, Spring Brewery Artwalk, Los Angeles, CA

MLA Gallery, Fall Brewery Artwalk, Los Angeles, CA

Hongkosun Gallery, Solo show, Shanghai, China

China House Gallery, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Galerie Artes, Paris, France

2010 - Absolute Art Gallery, Brugge, Belgium

MLA Gallery, Spring and Fall Brewery Artwalk, Los Angeles, CA.

Kromatik Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2011 - Tusk Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Chinese House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

MLA Gallery, Spring and Fall Brewery Artwalk, Los Angeles, CA.


1995 - 2nd runner-up in 47th Annual Student Art and Handicraft Contest held in Sukhothai.

1996 - 1st runner-up in 48th Annual Student Art and Handicraft Contest, watercolour and portraiture categories, held in Lampang.

1996-97 – award for excellence in watercolour painting, Phochang  Faculty Anniversary Art Exhibition.

1997, 1998, 2001, 2002 and 2003 – Award for Excellence in Chonburi Art Contest entitled “Beautiful Seascapes and Landscapes”.

December 1998 – awarded 3rd prize in the Thai Ministry of the Interior Community Art Competition.

March 1999 – awarded first prize in the Royal Thai Social Development Art Exhibition.

April 1999 – awarded first prize in the Lottery Art Award contest, held for the first time on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Thai State Lottery.

2004– Award for Excellence in the Bangken University Art Competition entitled “Thai Orchids”.

About the Artist

Since launching his professional career as a painter, Mr Attasit Pokpong has won a series of awards and prizes in art competitions in Thailand and, at a young age, he is already a recognised master of watercolour, acrylics and oils.  His earlier watercolours portray the hustle and bustle of city life with its interminable Thai traffic jams in delicately luminous colour combinations that imbue the scenes with a curiously refreshing sense of tranquillity.  The large oil and acrylic canvases Attasit is currently producing reflect the pale palette and relaxed brushwork of his watercolours, portraying girls in their natural beauty, unaffected and real.  His girls are at once clearly oriental in their features but universal in their unassuming beauty, appealing to viewers of every race and culture. 
Thai Fine Art Ltd is pleased to introduce Attasit to the British and European public alongside our established artists, including our featured artist, Mr Kitti Narod, with whom Attasit regularly exhibits in Bangkok, where both painters have made their home and established themselves firmly on the local art scene.

Artist's statement on current work

"Among the thriving changes in Thai society, one occupation remains alive in many corners of the country. The many street peddlers and closely cluttered merchants who are striving to make a living through the trade, found on the street. They go through the day working hard, and expressing endurance to make ends meet. But, there is happiness which can be found in many of their characters. It is a kind of satisfaction and self-sufficiency from within, which cannot be explained with mere words. They are such an integral part of Thai society. You can behold the lifestyles and emotions that run through the many faces of the peddlers, their customers, and their neighborhoods, through my paintbrush".

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