Guillermo Ceniceros - Mujeres bailando II

Guillermo Ceniceros - Mujeres bailando II

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Mujeres bailando

ARTIST:  Guillermo Ceniceros (Mexican, b.1939)
WORK DATE:  1987
CATEGORY:  Paintings
MATERIALS:  lithograph 
SIZE:  h: 23 x w: 31 in 
STYLE:  Contemporary
PRICE*:  $975
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This is an outstanding lithograph, from the 1980's. It is on a thick, hand crafted paper, and is gorgeous.



Ceniceros is a very well established Mexican artist, having participated in over 200 solo and group shows around the world. He was the foremost apprentice of the Mexican Master David Siqueiros, and was his assistant, while he was executing many of his great murals.

He began exhibiting in 1956, at the age of 16. This outstanding artist not only has a museum in Durango, Mexico devoted entirely to his work, but he has work in the permanent collection of the following institutions:

Mexican National Institute of Social Health
Government of the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Technological Institute of Superior Studies, Mexico
Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City
University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico
University of Guanajato, Mexico
El Quijote Museum, Guanajato Mexico
Contemporary Art Museum, UNAM, Mexico City
Guayasamin Museum, Quito Ecuador
Museum of Contemporary Art, Morelia, Mexico
Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, Mexico
Art Museum of Patzcuaro, Mexico
Art Museum of Cuitzeo, Mexico
Art Museum of Queretaro, Mexico
Jose Luis Cuevas Museum, Mexico City Mexico
Modern Art Center, Guadalajara, Mexico
National Museum of Art in La Habana, Cuba
National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago De Chile, Chile
Prilep Museum, Macedonia, Yugoslavia